Tartini’s key

Feature Children's Film

2024, 100 min


Set in the picturesque coastal town of Piran, three children from distinct backgrounds cross paths. MARIO, a local girl, lives with her grandmother. ROBERT, hailing from a modest family, is at summer camp while BARBARA, from an affluent background, is on holiday with her father and his partner. She is also the unintended recipient of a misdirected SMS. This message sets off a domino effect, leading them through a series of puzzles and adventures tied to medieval Piran's mysteries. As they outwit caricatured bandits, GRANDEMARE and JOFA, their friendship bond strengthens and love sparks between Barbara and Robert. The culmination of their journey reveals the "treasure": a collection of letters exchanged between famed violinist Tartini and the iconic violin maker, Stradivarius.

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Written & Directed by: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar

Based on the book by: Roman Kukovič
Cinematography: Mirko Pivčević
Sound Design: Julij Zornik
Costume Design: Barbara Drmota
Make-up: Anita Ferčak
Editing: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar
Musik: Milko Lazar

Picture postproduction and special effects: Teo Rižnar - Nu Frame
Production: Blade Production
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Co-productions: RTV Slovenia

Ella Lapajne
Maks Kerževan
Svit Šturbej
Goran Navojec
Jurij Drvenšek
Primož Pirnat
Janez Škof
Tanja Ribič
Zala Djurić

Financed by: Slovenian Film Centre

Technical support: National studio VIBA