Soutien de Famille

Feature Film

2020, 75 min


Soutien de Famille is a cinematographical essay based on the artistic project Hogshead 733 that includes a journey, a sea adventure, story of heritage, friendship & whiskey. The process follows the restoration of a typical 1941 wooden fishing boat, her last 733 miles sailing journey, and final transformation of the boat, soaked with sea and adventure into two whisky barrels. Every specially chosen stage gives a possibility to research the poetics of a specific manual labour expertise: boat building, sailing, barrel making and whisky production.
A journey from Trebeurden Brittany to the island Islay in Scotland was undertaken with 20 stops en route, from 23 August until 21 September, 2015.


Directed by:  Maxime Berthou & Mark Požlep
Written by: 
Raphael Daniel & Noach Charney
Cinematography: Nicolas Charles
Musik:  Julien Fabre

Production: Forceps Media

Distribution: Blade production