Quiet / Tiho

2017, 15 min


In a short film Quiet a personal testimony of a psychologist Vida is described within one day at school and through the situation with her demented father. The distress of a young girl Zarja arouses feelings of her personal embarrassment which comes to surface.
Two seemingly unrelated events display a pain which is left by a deep wound but at the same time show that a forgivness is a way to a personal liberation.



Directed by:  Barbara Zemljič
Written by: 
Milica Piletić, Barbara Zemljič, Miloš Petričić
Cinematography: Marko Brdar
Production Design: Mateja Medvedič
Sound Design: Julij Zornik
Costume Design: Katja Hrobat
Make-up: Mojca Gorogranc
Editing: Ivana Fumić

Production: Blade Production
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Co-producer: 100 d.o.o.