Punk under Communist regime

Feature documentary film

production 2024, 85min


A documentary about the Slovenian punk scene between 1977 and 1985: the bands formed were all made up of high school students who, despite their youth, quickly began to perform and triggered a wave of repression by the communist party. While Marshall Tito was dying in Ljubljana, an outburst of incredible creativity from young people took place in Slovenia, who no longer agreed to the party's one-mindedness. This was the first serious countercultural blow in the former Yugoslavia followed by a “Nazi punk affair” that put the three protagonists of the punk scene in custody. While English punks gathered in pubs, Slovenian punks gathered in the city center on Johnny Rotten Square. They were living in dangerous times.


Directed by: Andrej Košak
Written by: Andrej Košak, Dušan Moravec
Editing: Maja Kokić

Graphis Design: Saša Nikić

Production: Blade Production
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Co-productions: Nama Film d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia; Dynamic Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Co-producers: Goran Radovanović, Stanislav Donchev

Financed by: Slovenian Film Centre, RTV Slovenia, Film Center Serbia, Bulgarian National Film Center