Killbillies / Idyll

Feature Film

2015, 83 min


After a night of carousing the amateur photo model Zina heads for a fashion shoot in nature, accompanied by the ambitious Mia, apathetic Dragica and snobby photographer Blitcz. On their way to the location they come across some odd locals, but pay them no attention. On an idyllic meadow that they chose as their location, they are violently attacked by its supposed owners Francl and Vintlr. Thus an ordinary fashion shoot in nature turns into a fierce fight for survival …

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Written & Directed by: Tomaž Gorkič
Cinematography: Nejc Saje
Production Design: Gregor Nartnik
Sound Design: Sašo Kalan
Costume Design: Sanja Grcić
Make-up: Sendy Kumalakanta, Lana Rakanović
Editing: Tomaž Gorkič
Musik: Davor Herceg

Production: Blade Production
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Co-productions: Strup production, NuFrame d.o.o.

Nina Ivanišin
Sebastian Cavazza
Lotos Vincenc Šparovec
Jurij Drevenšek
Nika Rozman
Manca Ogorevc
Damijana Černa
Damir Leventič
Ajda Smrekar

Financed by: Slovenian Film Centre

World distributors:

Festivals and awards

  • Nevermore Film Festival USA, 2016 – Audience award & Jury Award for Best International Feature
  • Slovene Film Festival in Portorož, 2015 – Vesna award for Best Supporting Actor (Jurij Drevenšek), Vesna award for Best Supporting Actress (Nika Rozman); Vesna award for Best Feature Film and Vesna award for Best Production Design (Gregor Nartnik)
  • Weekend of Fear, Erlangen, Germany, 2016 – Award for Best Feature Film
  • Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, 2015 – Special Jury Mention
  • Fright Nights Vienna, 2016 – Award for Best Feature Film
  • Dracula Film Festival, 2015 – nominee in Best Feature Film
  • Fright Night Theatre Film Festival 2016, Canada – official selection
  • 44. FEST – International Film Festival, Beograd, 2016 – official selection
  • 15. Festival Trieste Science + Fiction 2015 – official selection
  • 6. Torremolinos International Fantastic Film Festival, Spain – official selection
  • 15. Festival Trieste Science + Fiction 2015 – official selection
  • 3. Horrorant Film Festival, Athens, Greece – official selection