The Vultures


At the height of winter in an isolated mountain cabin, seven elite yet dysfunctional lawyers discover that this time their team-building is not a reward, but a punishment for their misbehavior. Someone stole 650.000€ from the owner of their law firm. If they want to return back to the city, they have to play a team building game and find the culprit. For the game’s sake, everyone’s mobile phones are confiscated. There is no internet access either.

A whirlwind of calamitous events ensues: the cabin caretaker gets fatally wounded, a snowstorm cuts the road off, and their phones are nowhere to be found. After the snowstorm passes, the self-absorbed lawyers realize they have become dependent on the only other human being around - a mysterious Foreigner. Slowly the power and status hierarchy starts to shift and break down. But who is the thief? We’re in for a shocking and poignant surprise.

DCP - In development

Scriptwriters: Zoran Benčič, Simon Hernaus, Vida Breže
Directed by:  Vida Breže
Written by: Zoran Benčič, Simon Hernaus, Vida Breže
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Production: Blade production