Longing / Hrepenenje

2016, 27 min


Young violinist, Katarina, has a dream, to play like her idol, world famous Lauren. One day Lauren has a concert in town where Katarina lives, but tickets are too expensive. On a TV quiz, Katarina won a free ticket and now the only obstacle is how she will get to the concert hall. It is Sunday, no special transportation for her, since she is disabled and moves around in a wheelchair. There are no buses with special platform, and the complications begin. There is a robbery, robed person gets arrested, thieves love classical music, bus driver likes a classy passenger, and grocery stand owner is a cowboy. Katarina gets to play with Lauren. Her mother cries.



Directed by: Dejan Karaklajić
Written by: Milica Piletić
Cinematography: Igor Šunter
Production Design: Zoran Lesjak
Sound Design: Julij Zornik
Costume Design: Tina Žen
Make-up: Eva Uršič
Editing: Milena Predić
Musik:Zoran Simjanović

Production: Blade Production
Producers: Zoran Dževerdanović, Aleksandra Balmazović
Co-producers: RTV SLO, Cinnamon Production, Daiga,

Veronika Ivačič
Aleksandra Balmazović
Mirjana Šajinović
Nenad Nešo Tokalić
Peter Musevski
Sonja Kalajić

Financed by : RTV Slovenia