Make your movie happen. In Slovenia. With our agile production services.

Why Blade?

cash rebate

Shooting films, documentaries or series you’re entitled to 25% cash rebate offered by Slovenian Film Centre

or less of driving

Slovenia is so small but so diverse that you’ll spend 2 hrs or less to get from a mountainous location to the mediteranian one.

films produced

Working with us means to work with seasoned professionals with a track record of our own feature and short films as well as commercials.

languages spoken

All of our production staff members speak at least 2 languages. Mostly English.

Blade is an independent production house based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was founded in 2012 and specializes in full-service production for films, dance and music video recordings and commercials. With professional experience and knowledge, BLADE provides a range of services to fellow filmmakers and advice to creative and technical crews at all stages of film production.  

Our Films

The Vultures

Into The Blue

All Against All





Benjamin In Moscow

Killbillies / Idyll